pic: 710 Hanging

LoL the referees said we couldn’t do it… but we proved em wrong… It mighta helped us win an argument earlier if they new we could.

But it was a blast when we finally did it.

That lady referee right in front there said " you weren’t supposed to be a hanging robot but you managed to do it… simply amazing "


ya it was amazing when we told everyteam that we hung without telescoping they were skeptical but we proved them wrong. It was the greatest feeling to hear the lady ref say that to us

Was this the match with us? Or did you hang earlier? I always knew you could hang, I never even thought about it. So when we we’re up with you guys it was a no brainer. You guys did a great job, I wish we could’ve picked you in the second round. But you were prime meat… How did you guys do with the 2x ball?

well we did fairly well, but most of the time just because the nature of our bot we had to play defense and did not have time for the 2x.

Also the different ball hurt us a bit. We recapped the mobile goal a few times… never did anything with the big goal tho.

In our style matches it was just more time effecient for us to hang or play defense than use the 2xer ball

Yah, there’s not enough time to fit in more than 2 things, either cap and hang or cap and cap. We never got to hang cuz we focused harder on capping. I think if we were with a rugged hanger we would have gone all the way. But they we’re sucked up fast. When we get to nats we’re going to be hanging regularly if it works out. I don’t think anybody thinks we can hang either. Which we did fail a couple times but it was very possible, heh. George on 1083 and I felt we could win playing the game strictly with the balls. It worked great during seeding, but once in the finals everyone gets more aggressive.

to Quote myself…

“Dan, If you Hang, We WILL Win this Match”

lol i remeber that quote…it was said 4 or 5 times :wink:

too bad we didnt win 4 or 5 times… Only Once :frowning:

Match 97 http://www.soap108.com/2004/events/fl/matches.cfm

You guys sheared a pin in your drive system and one of our drill motors came unsoldered… kinda tough to control the balls that way.

We put ourselves in a position to win. All you can hope for after that is a little luck to help you through. We didn’t have it.

On topic, though: Congrats, 710! I can’t wait 'til we get to steal Dan and Ryan away next year! =-]

I must admit, you guys pulled off what I was skeptical about. I remember you telling me about that in week 1 or 2… and I kind’ve laughed, but I’m really glad you guys did it… Once you guys are connected to that bar… your the fastest one to pull up :slight_smile: Only recommendation I’d make is to make a hook-on system for your grabber… so like if you KNOW in a match you won’t need the 2x ball, you can put it on… so that it takes less time to grab that bar cause that did hurt you one or two times when it slipped off. Maybe even a switch of some sort to indicate to you when the arm is high enough to close in case a scenario comes up again where the 2x ball on the mobile goal blocks your view… would make it simpler for Dan to work. Great job guys!

hmmm .:scratches chin:.

starts designing and then brain blows up

Hmm, I think if you simply made a different type hook… so that you could pull up with only connecting the one side, instead of relying on both… in case of shortness on time like that one match when you slipped. Perhaps it could connect on the inside of the 2x ball grabber area and just be a different type of hook coming up… that has more of a curve or something so it latches on easier. I think you could make it “snap-on” “snap-off” relatively easily, and make it in the pits at your next competition pretty easily.

Well I had been thinking of adding a hook that would be perpendicual to the arm, so that when we got up the second step we wouldn’t have to turn the whole robot and line it up just run up to the bar and swing the arm at it.

Hmm, do you guys have enough height to do that though? Doesn’t your arm just barely reach over the bar as it is? If you add a hook perpendicular, you might not have enough height above the bar to easily get it over the bar. Then again, maybe you have more height then I think.

well it would be at the same height so that the hook came on the side of the arm kind of spaced out a bit and would only be as tall as the arm allready is.

well… yeah… only problem is if we only hang from the one side the bot wouldn’t balance itself… tho I have been thinking of how we could balance it self

The one match your talking about where we did slip off… we where hanging on 1 side… but the right side of the bot tilted down. Tho in that match we didn’t have enough time to do much we weren’t really even supposed to hang or even go on the platform… but our alliance partner broke and our shoots got blocked… so the only way to effeciently score points was hang. We tried to do it for the first time and we had way too little time. At nats watch for us to play more hanging defense and less everything else :slight_smile:

I still hold to the fact that while working ( that discludes the finals where our drivetrain had untightened sets screws and didn’t run ) that no one has hung against us :slight_smile: … See if we can keep that going.