pic: 710 hanging

us hanging on newton field, and all i can remember is sir charles sayin “goin for the hook up baby, goin for the hook up baby…holla”

It’s hard to tell from this image (it’s slightly grainy). What does your hook actually look like? It looks kind of like a grapling hook on a giant triangle support…

And how does it work? :slight_smile:

we can acutally hook two ways. we have no grapling hook grapling hooks are two easy ;). If you werent at nationals or on the newton field you wouldnt know how it worked. WE have a “gurney” system wheel so we can lift our robot like hydrolics. Then we hook up and lift our wheels and we are hanging. WE can hang two ways the way yous ee above was added at nationals and this way we can go cap and hook in the same match or we could hook sideways with the arm and drive back and forth and defend the top ramp until the last second and lift up our wheels