pic: 714's Winch Mechanism

For so many years we avoided using these strong boxes but this year we just couldn’t resist. The side plates were designed programmed and machined in our shop by me and all the other components put together by out team.

Is that a disk brake? The side plates do look great. And you’re using 2 CIMS to power the winch? A kicker winch, or a robot-lifting winch?

Avid BB3’s, BB5’s, or BB7’s?

Also, I like!

Definitely some form of avid bb series brakes. Too bad you couldn’t use some uber bling hopes. Just kidding. The winch looks great and super beef

Yes that’s a disk brake, very powerful with a .5" cylinder i believe actuating the applied pressure of braking. We are also using 2 CIM motors on… this will be our lifting mechanism.

Very cool to see one of our old rookies come out with such a sick looking design.

By the placement of your drive CIMs it looks like you have a fairly thin robot. Correct?

See you next week at Trenton, Matt.

AVID BRAKES!!! glad to see some fellow roboticists ride.


I ride on a Specialized Enduro Expert, but I changed the brakes to Hope brakes (I need more modulation at the local trails).

I ride a chumba xcl with juicy 5s and I love them. Sure theres better but they get it done in my trails. I blew all my money on the blinging wheelset. Ha

i ride a giant reign. used to have avid codes. they were the beastliest things ever, but a little heavy. going with the saints now