pic: 716 single speed

This is the original gearbox as submitted to the white papers. We performed a little surgery for the weight but not near as much as could be done. We used unground flanged bearings on the output shaft, they seemed to hold up well.

Last year’s CIM is shown for reference.

I like that a lot. It looks very robust yet efficient and compact. It does look like the output sprocket was rubbing on the side plate though. Why did that happen? Also, where did you find the gear that is mating with the Chiaphua and what are it’s specs. Thanks.

I used the CIM motor with a 14 tooth gear to mesh with the gear train. This year’s motor was used in the dual speed transmission so I bolted on the 2002 CIM (Atwood, Chiapua, see text on motor in picture). Several people at Riverrage commented on my ‘magic’ gear mesh with this demo.

The circular marks on the main plate are the result of chain stretch, chains falling off and chain wrapping around the sprockets. Carefull atention to chain tensioners during break-in could have avoided this, but what the heck, we just keep driving until they need tensioners!:slight_smile: