pic: 75, ?, 111

The crate in the middle is 88.
I painted it in 2007 (well, the 3 paint-splattered sides). :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole composition looks like artwork, doesn’t it? I love the paint-splattered crate - and then with 111’s tie-dye effect and 75’s solid red crate - wow.


Just goes to demo that knowing how wrenches or jaguars work aren’t the only things team members can contribute. Sense of style, sense of humor can be mixed with sense of physics and sense of mechanics to excellent effect. I recall think of the crates as though they were buds in a mechanical springtime.

What a delightful image! :slight_smile:

I will miss the crates, if all FRC events go to Bagentag. (Deutsch, for the day a team stops working on their robot.)