Pic: 766 Teaser

…almost done…

Where are your safety goggles!?! Chains next to hands? doesn’t look safe…

but nice looking robot. :slight_smile:

Just wondering. Is there anyway you could have gotten your hand any closer to the chain? And You better put on your saftey goggles, today at our meeting a kid got a nice cut about 1/2 inch below his eye from not wearing his saftey goggles. The cause was another kid being anti-constructive with a sharp piece of wire and a piece of tubing. Not the same as what your doing there but never the less. You NEVER know what you will need them, I have gotten hit in the eyes(well saftey goggles) with things flying really fast many times when I was 99% sure it was safe.

Actually, the arm was disabled, and therefore the chain was disabled. The person on the robot is a freshman, but he probably should have worn goggles.

Looks like a football jug machine
Nice looking robot

you better not have scratched that tennis court!!

Ok we get it, he doesn’t have safety glasses. No need to have 7 duplicate posts condeming him for being near a powerless robot without his 6 foot wide lexan bubble.

Anyway, it looks great. What is that huge chain for in the back? From the picture, I am assuming to raise your shooter up and down.

I think that huge chain is to load the balls. But moving the shooter up and down seems like a fair guess as well for that huge chain.

It’s their robot from last year with a shooter on it, I’d guess.

Yes, it is our shooter from last year, and the chain is not connected with the shooter in any way.

yaeh thats me on the robot. yes i should have worn safety glasses because the robot was moving and i was manually loading balls into the shooter. our shooter is attached to last years robot. the shooter is held onto the robot entirely by zip ties and packing tape. Don’t worry, we had almost 12 zip ties per side

I suspect that the secret component is somehow related to those barely visible pieces of tape on the robot. By the way, razor95kds, are you a droid?

in my off time. the tape was to keep the pitching machine stable