pic: 766's robot for 07


solid looking machine
cool looking speed holes

Does the wrist actuate independently? Or is it held parallel to the ground? Also, how many robots can you hold up?

Nice bot, I look forward to seeing it at SVR.

the speed holes our on our ramp, but the ramp looks like it is going to be removed because we are two pounds overweight.

You could always remove that pesky compressor (assuming your using it for shifting)

our wrist can actuate using a window motor, but was used for practice just as a 4-bar linkage. Right now we barely hold one robot and the ramp will most likely be removed.

we use the compressor offboard and our programmer and another student built this wonderful box that plugs two cables into the side of the robot and starts charging the tanks.

wow, that arm looks almost identical to our (971’s) 2005 arm. Should work better with 6wd and lighter game pieces though…:smiley: