pic: 775pro drive perspective view

Here is the thread about the gearbox:

I decided to make a simple frame for my gearbox because the final project for my Solidworks class isn’t due until tomorrow.

SW says it should weigh 23.6 lbs.

Questions and comments are always welcome!

Curious about your method for mounting the upper frame structure on the front and back. Any reason you did the front and back differently for that?

Are the front and back 2x1 crossbeam cut at a 45 with the bellypan bent up to them?

This was mostly for fun, but theoretically it leaves more room for a drop down intake in the front.

No, the front and back “crossbeams” are part of a one piece wrap around belly pan. It’s not something that team 2471 would implement, but I wanted to use Solidworks’ sheet metal tools.

Hey I have not worked with tube in chain before how do put the chains on.
and once you get them there how do you tighten them.

looks like a good design love the gearboxs.

Working on the chains looks like a load of fun with the lack of access holes! Make sure none of your rivets poke into the chains either, or make installation impossible. There’s not a lot of room inside of a tube.

On this year’s competition robot and the last couple of years’ off season robots, 2471 used a chain in tube design. The first off season design had access to the chains through the end of the tube and had chain tensioners, but we never used either feature. In the last couple of iterations we assembled the drive base with the chains pre-installed with exact C-C bearing holes. This design required zero maintenance, and worked great!

Looks cool. I’d recommend attaching the bellypan to the bottom of you drivetrain rails with rivets if it isn’t attached already.