pic: 781 - All Operation Robot

Sweet Eh?

That looks great! Nice looking robot… It CAN do everything!

That robot of yours is quite possibly the most beautiful machine I’ve ever seen in all my years of FIRST. Good job making such a simple and elegant robot so versatile. Good luck at your events this year team 781!

not everything, it doesnt catch balls from the ball dump.

Amazinngly simple way of doing so many things. Great bot 781, looks awesome.

great job guys… you guys came up with a good qualifying and an elemination bot…

Ah, but does it fly?

My jaw is still in pain from hitting the floor. Amazing job this year, Kincardine.

isnt there only 4 robots on the field at once?? lol, amazing job! i have a special place in my heart for powder coated robots, and waterjetting, next to the love for krispy kremes :slight_smile:

Great looking robot, 781. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys at the Canadian Regional. In fact, will you be staying at the same hotel with us as you did last year??

Hm… I wonder when I can post up a pic of our team’s robot. We usually don’t till competition. But there are definitely copies of it on Cornell websites :wink:

wow … major props to Kincardine. Cant wait to see it in action on April 1st !!! …

Awesome piece of work !!!

Yes, Stage West again.
Gotta love that buffet & pool :slight_smile: