pic: 781 Safety Poster

Last year I went away from the regionals wondering how you could bring up safety in a way that wasn’t so in your face to teams, and was fun, I decided to make a few posters with humor as its catalyst, all of them I didn’t finish at the time. But upon seeing Cody’s signs today, I was motivated to bring these back to life… here is one that addresses the issue many teams have had some experience with whether it be testing auto code, or a mishap in operator control. We have all programmed our robot at some point, and the second it started it chased someone down the hall. So the idea of this one, is just be safe with your code… don’t test it in front of people if you don’t know how it will react… enjoy

Going with your theme, you could make a poster that encourages teams to be safe while coding by keeping a robot’s wheels off the carpet, such as on a cart or wagon. Do you have a robot cart?

lol, that is hilarious. I love it. Nice touch with the braces, glasses, and let’s see, I wonder if that pocket has a pocket protector.

Yah… Nice touch with the braces… Looks nice… I really like the robot too. Kind of looks like our robot with 6 wheels and all. I hope to see these at regionals and they will remind me to be safe, and will give me a laugh at the same time. Nice job, and good luck at regionals.:slight_smile:

The best method we have found for testing autonomous is to cut the speed down of the robot, so if it does do something unexpected, it wont be a full force blow into say a wall or person.

This would be a good read for all FIRSTers: “How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion.” by Daniel H. Wilson.

ISBN-10: 1582345929
ISBN-13: 978-1582345925

There are lots of good tips for surviving the uprising.

Make sure we all get our tin foil hats out.

Cool… Berserk robots…

hah, this reminds me of our first animation. Advertising wearing safety glasses while programming so an arm doesn’t poke your eye out. :slight_smile:

thanks for the complements, I’ll try and post my favorite of the 3 done so far tonight… its about pinch points


Yes he does have a pocket protector you’ll see it in its glory in the pinch point poster. … unfortunately the tie covered it in this image

cant wait to see these in action lol… coming to waterloo right? hope to see you there, I will be ready to run from rebellion robots, or I will bring my handy robotaway lol :stuck_out_tongue: