pic: 8 days left to tweak

8 days left to tweak, test and reduce weight by 3 pounds.

It climbs, kicks, others can climb onto it and drives over speed bumps.

Your thoughts?

nice! good job :]
What’s his hight? does it turn over when crossing the bump?

height is an 1/8" under specs.
initial testing says we will not tip if we go slow over humps

Sizing boxes can be more than 1/8" under spec. I suggest you don’t push it that close.

This is an interesting height debate. What are other teams thinking ?

High wall cover prevents opponents from scoring over you.
Too high and your partners can’t kick over you.

The DiscoBots are going with a similar wall robot with medium height.

I suggest a framing square and a good tape measure in your tool box to check the sizing box when you get there. We have done it the past few years.

We usually leave an inch of clearance. You never know when you’re going to need to add a bolt here or there.

Good idea. We’ll do that

What are you going to do to keep the soccer ball from going under your robot from the sides and rear?

Good Catch. We did not add the apparatus when the picture was taken.

Our solution is very simple, adds very little weight, allows us to go over the speed bump and easily removable. Any guesses?

Surgical tubing?

small cables?

I really like the use of COTS components. Very nice.

How does the both climbing and getting climbed on system work?

how do you keep balls from being trapped on top of the bot?

Here is the video of our robot lifting that I promised.

Estimated 300 pounds hanging on it after the lift.

First time I looked at it, I though the shelf with the little platic boxes on it was your electrical panel, but then I noticed it look unbelievably clean compared to any electrical work I’ve seen. Very nice looking robot. How comfortable is the driver with the mechanum drive (just asking, I have nothing against mechanum)?

Hanger system looks sweet! Keep up the good work CORE!

Not to threadjack TOO much, but our drivers are loving the Mecanum drive, and it looks like our 'bot has the same wheels.

Our driver absolutely loves the wheels and drivability. He was one of the reasons we went to these. This is his third year as our driver and he is incredible with what he can do given the right tools. We wanted to make sure that we gave him a very maneuverable bot for his senior year. He deserved it. As an example, last year during one of our competitions the robot lost all control of one side of our drive train. I lost my cool more than him :yikes: (I’m the coach) and told him to do the best he could. Most would have quit. He could actually drive straight and make turns under these conditions. The team members in the stands new something was wrong but had no idea of the severity until we told them. I could go on and on with his abilities but just one more example. One of our mentors brought in a radio controlled helicopter. Long story short, with no exaggeration, he had it up and flying and doing circles all over the place in 3 minutes. He is truly amazing.