pic: 8 inch pneumatic wheels

Team 3021’s 8 inch pneumatic wheels. Let me know if anyone is interested in the cad. We purchased the tire and tube from http://m.monsterscooterparts.com/8x2-mobility-tire-tube-set-knobby-tread.html

How did you manufacture that hub?

The hub is two pieces. The first ops of each piece where done on a cnc lathe starting with a piece of raw material 4.25" diameter. They bolt together with four 10-24 bolts. The screw holes where drilled and tapped on a cnc mill, but can easily be done with just a screw driver.

These hubs are beautiful. You could make quite a bit of money selling them to other teams this year.

Yes, definitely interested in this cad.

Really nice work!

A thing of beauty!

I would like to see the CAD. That’s really well done.

Very nice. Love them.

::rtm:: That looks great would love to see the CAD!!!

Could I get the CAD please?

Whoa! Hubba hubba! Those are some very nice hubs.

Hey, quick question. Did you machine the 1/2" hex in the center or does your team have a 1/2" hex broach? Our team has been debating buying this one from McMaster but we’ve never quite pull the trigger on spending the $250 (ish) it costs as we’ve always found a work around for having to buy one (typically buying hubs from AndyMark or VexPro).

Please share your broaching experience.

Dr. Joe J.

Joe, we’ve had that broach for a few years now. Expensive, but well worth it, and it works well. We’ve broached 7075 with it a bunch, and steel a couple times.