pic: 8 seed defends 1 seed in Philly

Seriously outgunned on the offensive end, the eight seed comprised of 816, 709, and 1712 turned to a defensive strategy against the one seed of 341, 365, and 486 doing its best to keep the score as low as possible. I can’t recall a more memorable set of quarter finals from a “losing” perspective as the eight seed took the eventual champions to the brink with the three match scores being. 4-3, 3-5, and 6-3.

Yup. We talked about it as a team, even before the qualification matches started. Philly teams never quit! You can never walk your way through the Philly regional. Those were some great matches.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is that a ten year old daisy just can’t out-maneuver 2 other robots :smiley:

This looks awesome. I have seen this strategy in use once or twice. It seems viable if it is done well.


Ha! Actually it was 341’s ability to move from back to front that the 8 alliance couldn’t ultimately overcome … and the strategy employed was one defensive bot in the middle zone to slow 365 and 341 as much as possible. You see 816 at mid field here to collect and score balls more than to defend, while 709 and their nasty multi-directional drive defended in the front to minimize scoring. After the second match 365 and 341 switched starting positions and that proved to be very effective for the eventual champs. Congrats 341, 365, and 486.