pic: 80/20 double drop-in nut

i made one…

why don’t these exist as a product?

They Do

I think he means one with two bolt holes. That link you post shows that they don’t exist.

while you are designing new 8020 parts, how about some 1010 series inside corner brackets and gussets where the hole locations will provide you the ability to use something other than low profile bolts and still access whichever bolt you would like later on…

8020 saves so much money… and is so expensive…

We have been using “weld nuts” with 80/20 for years. You can’t drop them in but they are MUCH cheaper than the drop in kind - $5.11 for a package of 25. You have to remember to just load up each length of 80/20 with a few of them before you assemble the device.

I can’t get the link to paste. Go to McMaster Carr and search for “weld nut.” We use the “tab base with center pilot” and they work great.

yeah, i know about weld nuts… it was the double weld nuts that inspired the double drop-in nut

What we would do is cut a thin part of one side of the channel out to be able to later slide in weld nuts into the frame without disassembling it.

These most definitely already exist as a product–my team has been using them for years.

this may not be the cheapest source, but it’s on Google’s first page of results

I think the difference is the ones the OP posted are drop in, meaning you don’t have to slide them in the end.

Also OP what mechanism makes the nuts drop in?

Their profile - drop them in sideways, and then roll them into place (they aren’t quite as wide as the weld nuts, but still wide enough to span the slot). There are different models (with rubber handles, set screws, or various springs) to make insertion, as well as locating, easier.