pic: 801 Teaser????

If you sit there long enough you might get flattened…Maybe this has some inspirational aspect to robot?..Hey if 233 can do it why cant we???

…a robot that flies up really quick to knock the ball off (then proceed to land on mars and be the next rover?)

Hey where did you get that?!
I haven’t seen Horsepower out there (I think that’s the right team) - have you been spying on us? Probably not.
If it’s a teaser, then I would have to say that you have some wicked sweet treads like the Crawler. Or maybe you are using solid rocket boosters to propel the Trackball for a Hurdle. Or is it - no it couldn’t be - both?! j/k

Its funny, you guys come onto our island and expect for us not to be here or not know whats going on? One of the shops that we have access to is right on the other side of the ditch from the prototype shop…if we really wanted to we could watch your every move. Funny how things can be so hidden out there…


Is is some sort of multi-armed robot? Like an octopus using the arms to gradually lift the balls?

I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you guys (maybe that’s what that laughing across the road was about. . . ). Although, from that position, you won’t be able to see a whole lot, at least not until we get something tangible together.

Yeah, not much use spying when there’s nothing to see.

That teaser gives it all away: They will use rocket power to hurdle the ball over the overpass. Now if they can just throttle the SRB’s down enough…

We only have made one part there this year…so we really are not there…But in 2006 I spent some time out there… Saw you guys a few times playing out back. We got a new toy this year so now we dont have to go out that way too often for help.

Isn’t an entire crawler-transporter a little overkill for a robot cart?

No way - I’d go for it.
Actually, it’s underkill since it’s top speed is about 1 mph, ie, you won’t get to matches on time.

a really slow heavy thing hmm have fun…