pic: 816 - 2012 Teaser, Featuring West Coast Products

After Our Issues with Banebots Gearboxes Last year we decided to make our own for our Ball Handling System. I figured it’d be a good time to try out some of the WCP Stuff that was launched this season and this was the Result. The Overall Reduction in the Transmission is 20:1.

The Gears are a Mixture of AM’s and WCP’s, the Black Gear you see in the picture is a 56T 20DP 7075 AL gear from WCP. I was absolutely AMAZED by the quality of the WCP gear, not to mention the weight. In the Future, I believe that any of the larger gears we use will be coming from WCP.

The Bearings are also from WCP, with the execption of a Hex Bearing from AM. I wasn’t totally sold on the rubber seal vs shielded, but I’m now a believer. They seem to be much more forgiving to tight fits then shielded and look so much cooler.

Looks like RC is pumping out some really high quality parts. WCP is definitely at least on par with AM as far as these gears go. Man, look at those teeth!

Awesome job WCP.

How about a link to WCP? Please

From another happy customer, sure thing, here’s the link: WCP

Shouldn’t the thread title technically read “…Featuring West Coast Products products”? :rolleyes:

Very slick.