pic: 816 as of 1-24-09

Here’s the robot as we left it today. It’s pretty far along with about 75% of it completed. Now we just need to remount the electronics, wire everything up, and mount the back lexan for the conveyor belt and we’ll be good to go. Expect some video by the middle of the week, It should be up and running by then.

If you have any questions then ask away.

“Ur doing it backwerdz!!! O.O”


Man that thing looks awesome. I love the simplicity in design. Very impressive that you guys got this out so quickly. hit me up if you need coding help.

Honestly, you guys are one of the few teams I can’t wait to compete with this year. Make it an awesome season man. Way to rep the EWCP :cool:

P.S. This is a very nice belated birthday present. hehe

Neato! That looks like a solid design, and a good example of KISS. Its simplicity and color scheme make it aesthetically pleasing. All around awesome. I hope I’ll be able to see it personally at some point. (:

O you will. You will. On Einstein. Just you know throwing that out there. And yay for broken PVC pieces on the trailer.

That assumes I’m on Einstein again this year… which could happen, but I would be on the volunteer side this year. (I did sign up to volunteer at the Championship, but I have to make sure MIT can live without me for a few days first ;))

WOW dustin, you guys finished the CAD quick and the robot. Extremely cool looking, hope to see you at nationals.

I haven’t touched the CAD Since I last showed you haha. I’m boycotting Inventor for a while.

very cool.

can you describe how the functions work together, ball handling, etc


The Front Roller Is A Banebot RS545 with a 20:1 Transmission that spins at about 600 rpm. This Sucks Balls into a hopper which is the blue area in the front.

The Black Roller at the bottom and the orange one in the middle are connected with a belt that acts as a conveyor system for the balls. This is powered by a fisher price motor with gearbox.

The Top Most Roller is powered by a Globe with about a 1:4 Ratio and it spins pretty quickly for being Globe Powered. This roller acts as a stop so that balls can be staged in the conveyor system or we can reverse it and it helps pop the balls out.

Might need to double take at the picture as a lot of the lexan backing is missing right now.

Just thought I’d add that in there…

Your skill in pointing out the obvious has increased by one :wink:

Danny, just cuz you think you’re cool doesn’t mean its true. :cool:

Is the kinda “gut” area between the intake roller and conveyor belt system used for storage, or is it blocked off with lexan so the balls can’t bunch up? How many balls can the system hold? How well does that front roller grab running at 600rpm? What sort of compression do you put on the balls for the front roller and conveyor system? Sorry about all the questions, looks like a pretty slick design, post video soon please :smiley:

I don’t know if you’ve already got something planned, but have you thought about protecting the intake roller?

On impacting the corner of another robot, the contact may not be bumper-to-bumper, but rather the edge of the other robot (usually reinforced or supported) to the centre of your roller. Perhaps the roller is designed to take this kind of hit, but it would be a shame to see a nice looking robot like that out of commission due to a weak point.

Assuming the roller IS designed for a full-on impact, if the relative velocity of the two robots is at an angle, can the roller mounts take a sideways impact force?


I’ve never seen belting like that, what is it?

Its just wheel tread or conveyor belting. Cut into strips.

It’s a segmented V-belt. It’s made from some sort of fabric laminate, and composed of individual links. You twist the tab 90° and insert it into the slot on the next link; then untwist. They lock together under tension.

I believe that Small Parts sells it…this ought to be it. (188 used it for a hybrid wheel-tread thing on the 1999 drivetrain.)

Really now? Doesn’t look like anything more than wheel tread…
Huh. Never seen that before then…

Most of the front open area is used as a hopper of sorts some of it will be used for electronics mounting. If you look closely you can see 2 pieces of angle just kinda sitting there and thats where our electronics shelf mounts to. Theoretical capacity is between 15-20 balls depending on how they all settle in the system. The front roller grabs very well and can handle 2 balls at a time and both the conveyor System and front roller compress the ball about 1/2" give or take a bit depending on what you say a ball’s diameter is (I say it’s 9").

In theory the front roller should never be hit. It’s about 8.5 inches off the ground at it’s lowest point which is out of the bumper zone. If it did hit the structure of another robot I hope it’ll break and then we just have to replace a piece of pvc. On Monday I’ll look into making a guard for it so that it would be metal to robot contact before robot to roller.

Thats the exact belt I think. We’ve had it for years and I believe we got it from the HVAC Teacher at my school because they use it for belting on compressors.

Nahhhh Kramers dad gave it to us. I remember he brought it in and I was like WTH is that?