pic: 816 Learns how to play defense on Curie


I cheered for 816 on Curie and got this pic just as they pinned the Cheesy Poofs and won the QF’s. Incredibly proud of 816 on an amazing and highly successful year! Their alliance had awesome teamwork.

This is a sweet pic.
I like the simplicity of it… how it’s able to score (pick up and dump) but you have the defensive element added… it’sdouble the trouble.

Awesome pic! 816 played amazing defense and would quickly switch to offense if need be. Great job this year to team 816 and their drive team.

I love this picture…

Atlanta was the first time we really got to play defense all year. In all of our previous regionals and some of our matches at the championship we were forced to play the role of the offensive robot. We weren’t bad at offense at all, we could score as high as 15 balls in a match if we took the offensive role but we found out that we could be a defensive powerhouse in Atlanta. Apparently our mix of Hard Defense and Decent Offense worked pretty well, it secured us the #6 Seed on Curie.

I have to admit, I had heard good things about 816 through Chief but never really followed them or checked them out.

Despite that, one of the most fun matches we had was playing with 816, you guys played very smart when we were being defended and it was a good time.

Congrats on the 6th seed and performance in the elims, and I hope we can work together in the future sometime.

On a side note I love the “No Traction Control Stickers” :yikes: