pic: 816 - Where the Magic Comes From.


This is a picture I found and I really like. It’s the only one I know of with our Whole 2009 Drive team.

Going From Left To Right
Zach - Coach
Danny - Operator
Dustin - Driver
Steve - Human Player

Our Secret was that we are all friends off the field and we spent so much time together that we didn’t even need to communicate anymore. We thought as one.

This is such an important part of having a good drive team- chemistry and communication are so necessary to good field performance. I’m glad to see this worked out for your team. ::safety::

Great Job Dustin, I loved your bot and congrats on being an alliance capitan. BTW, SICK DRIVING.

Whoa whoa whoa, where am I in this picture? (probably rolling around on the scooter)

Great pic guys!:] Good job in Atlanta and good luck for the future. Your communication seems great and that would be why you were alliance captains:] Communication like this is something to strive for:]

Congrats on your spectacular run on Curie

Grats Dustin, it was nice meeting you, and our match with you was pretty sweet. =p

Thanks, it’s something I pushed for when we were doing Driveteam selections. Danny, Steve and I go back to 5th or 6th grade and Zach sorta just stepped up when we needed him too.

Thanks Brotha, I couldn’t have done it without your support this season.

This was on practice day bro. Sorry, you know I <3 you though.

Thanks, I’m glad we can be a model for someone, the secret is have fun. It’s not always super serious.

Thanks, Stogi you should take pride in it too, I owe a lot of our design and success as a team to your advice.

BRADDD! It was nice adding another member to the No Traction Control Squad. I hope you can take our match together as payment for Philly 07. :wink: