pic: 816's 2009 Control Board

Here’s our Control Board for 2009. It’s about 90% complete in this picture. The Plastic is 1/4" Thick HDPE and it’s held together by 3" Standoffs. The Buttons can be found at Happcontrols.com

looks pretty cool. looks better than ours

This year we decided to actually make a control board that was nice and cool looking. I think we accomplished that. Also we’re venturing into a different style of control than usual. In year past we’ve always had control over each moving part individually. I thought that this would be complicated so our controls work like this:

Colored Buttons Going from left to right:
1- Grab
2- Gather
3- Release
4- Store
5- Score
6- Offload

So when our operator presses the button the motors will move according to what he or she wants the robot to do.

Mmmmm someones gonna look good standing behind that thing.

Dude, looks great and all, but that thing looks massive! :ahh:

The buttons and the white HDPE give it a gaming controller look. Me likie.

That is beautiful. I like the buttons in team colors, nice work. :cool:

It was all Dustins idea. He is pretty serious. And pro.

It’s only 48"x12"…This is why I need a Big Control Board …I move a lot…

Thanks A Lot :smiley:

I thought it Came out well for about a hour an 20 min of work…

Very nice control board, I like it a lot! Its a very clean design…
How long has this ended up being … it seems really big!
Good luck!

it looks mighty familiar. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I just flipped through your website and saw yours. I think I like the colored plastic on your better.

here is ours from last season, prior to the decorative stickers we made. Its actually spray painted polycarbonate from the bottom. From that view, it looks terrible. But on the other side up, comes out pro-looking.

We polished the aluminum spacers. One student found an easier way to do it, instead of hand wet sanding it, then using Mothers. They attach it to an impact driver, spinning the spacer while holding the sand paper instead. Even the screw heads get polished. Bling bling :wink:

That’s so awesome looking! We actually used the same process for painting some of the polycarb on our robot this year. You’re right, the painted side looks horrible but the other side’ll look great.

I lovee the buttons! I give props for finding them.

this is awesome!! but why is it so long? are there any benefits for its size?

It just gives us more room to move around the board. Usually we have small control boards and we have no room for moving around.

man, that looks pretty hefty!! Good luck toting it around!

Dustin is going to by a shoulder strap.

hahaha danny if dustin gets a strap make sure its a snazzy one like team colors or for my team at least we would probably get a pink one with lots of glitter/sequins/uber sparkly things. jewels anyone? lol i’m just teasing but he for sure should get a snazzy looking strap espcially since you guys will be going to atlanta :stuck_out_tongue: