pic: 816's 2009 Drive Team.... Teaser?


Here’s an awesome pic I found of Danny McC and I from last year’s Championship. For those of you who don’t know, this year I’ll be Driving and Danny McC will be operating. Between the two of us we have about 3 Seasons or about 80 Matches of on field experience and we also logged about 8-10 hours of Practice with this year’s bot. See you in on the field in NJ, Philly and The Championship.

I has a 'Fro =P


Hope to see u pplz! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooo don’t worry. You WILL see us. ;).

You 2 on the drive team…again? :yikes: yikes! jkjk HAHAHAH… nice capes! Can’t wait to see em again this year! Good Luck Guys!

Dustin, you guys rock and i’m loving your costumes. I’ll try to get a Coyote next year for my driving suit. So how about lunch at nationals?

This is like an 816 Drive team lets go to lunch right? Because if so I am totally down. lol.

Costumes… “At FIRST Robotics Competitions Mild Mannered Dustin Benedict becomes AFROMAN!!!”

Seriously though, I am down for lunch… After we kick your butts… Jk jk

Lets do this, if you win. I’ll pay, but if I win. I want Icecream. Yeah Danny lets have a driver lunch on thingy.:wink:

NO. We only want Dustin. mwahahahaha

fiiine, you can come i guess…

Lol If I win, I want a custom machined fork to eat with…

Lol Danny’s part of the Drive team too!

I’ll make you fork alright.:ahh::ahh:

Yeahhh Stogi is just mad because he is not my wingman anymore.

Hmm… I have no idea how to take that.

Can it be blue anodized?


RC, this is what happened the last time we met in ATL… http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/match.php?matchid=10108

Yeah for sure, blueish k. But man you gotta agree that match was epic and we would’ve won if it wasn’t for that G22. :ahh:

Yeah that match was one of the better ones we had in ATL. I forgot how close it was until I watched the video… Maybe G14 will be on our sides this year? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I think its funny because that picture was taken before that match.


Like I was sitting there and I turned the video on and I was like wow 222 is in that picture and they were just in the video with us. connection

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