pic: 816's 2009 Robot. The View You Never Want To See.

Here’s an awesome picture that one of our Mentors took. It’s from one of the Qualifying matches at the 2009 Philly Regional. I think if I were on the other end of this I’d be pretty scared.

Fastest and best driven robot on the field, period.

I guess they’re OK :rolleyes:

Apparently some people thought they were lying when 816’s drivers told people they have no extra coding for controls. lol it was funny to see people’s reactions.

I wish I could afford a ticket to go watch philly next year. That looks pretty beasty right there!

You guys were awesome, and I was definately scared of that bot’s speed.

Hey Dustin, is 816 headed to Atlanta this year?
If so, let me know what field you’ll be on.
Dan owes me an 816 shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, and I also want to check out your sick-nasty driving skills again of course! :cool:

Thanks a lot. I doubt it’s that Fast or Well-Driven but We try… :wink:

Haha thanks Stogi, I guess we’ll never be good enough for you. But yes, People refused to believe we didn’t have any sort of traction control. It was a hilarious.

You’ll get to see it in Atlanta right?

Thanks a lot. You guys are also off to a strong start in your rookie year. Congrats on the Rookie Awards in Philly.

Haha Apparently Danny owes a lot of people shirts. And You’ll definitely see 816 in Atlanta, You just might not see my “Sick-Nasty Driving Skills” until Friday… They attract too much attention… and defense :wink:

glad we didn’t have that view! You guys ran very well at Philly. Hopefully we’ll be in the same division at championships :cool:

Wow. Just wow. I’m stupefied with awe. That, without a doubt, is an excellent photo.

That pic is totally awesomee:] I would hate to be in their wayy:]

You guys had a great machine this year, and you played well. I would have been scared if I was in in their way. lol

816 has a great bot and team! We never got a chance to be paired up at Philly - too bad. Unfortunately, we were on the opposite sides of the Regolith in the quarter-finals of the eliminations.

But what the caption says is right on the money. You don’t want to see Anomaly in your rear-view mirror! :eek:

See you in Atlanta!

I’ll be there…

cant wait to get a chance to play you lol:P

:wink: if we get the same division…

hey dustin, a couple of people on our team (including me) wanted your autograph at philly, but we didnt get a chance. can you privilege us with this honor at championships??? lol… but im serious… we’ll come to your pit if we have to…

Way to go! I would hate to be on the recieving end of that picture :p!!
Good luck!

Thanks, I hope we’ll see you at the Championships As well. The match we played with you guys had to be my favorite of Philly by far. I guess too many people saw how well we worked together and decided to split us apart.

Thank you so much. Nothing’s better than getting kind words from a 365 member. You guys are truly a world class team, I think you’re the only ones that have wished us good luck before a quarter final match.

Honestly, I think we’d both rather play on Einstein, if you don’t mind.

Haha wow, I’m Just a normal guy with an Afro. I guess if you want my Autograph that could be arranged. You know how to find me. :wink:

ill see you there too:P

us too!! then i can get your autograph dustin… :smiley:

Really glad to see this team get some recognition. They’ve been working their butts off to gain a lot more ground in the last 3 years. Clearly they have succeeded.

NJ #2 Seed undefeated- Semifinalist
Philly #6 or 7 captain
Quality Award
Archimedes 6th captain 5-1-1
Overall 24-11-2

Clearly one of the best scorers and drivers in the East.

Really proud of these guys. =)

Dustin, curious as to any changes being made for Atlanta. I had a couple ideas in mind that I guess I’ll show you tonight. Let me know what you have planned though.