pic: 816's 2009 Teaser

He’s a teaser I made in a few minutes because I was bored. It’s one of my random inventor screen shots from the end of week one. I got the trailer and moon rock files from “Pacoliketaco”.

Btw, EWCP Guys don’t let the design out of the bag.

What bag? We have a bag now?:confused:

Why wasn’t I in on these shenanigans? :frowning:

Wait, we get bags?!!?!?!?!!??!

Yeah, I hid it under my bed.

Hmm, the collector/dumper mechanisms look neat.

You keep your designs in a bag under your bed Craig?

That must be a big bag

you guys need a bigger censor bar- your awesome is showing.


nahhh, I saw the full design, nothing too great. He didn’t use Craig’s Win extract.:rolleyes:

Maybe so but I like that it uses a uniform system, so less replacement parts are needed. KISS.

KISS, the factor that is a pure win. Great design, hope you guys have a great year.

AHA! Someone has discovered what Pure Win extract is!

Thanks for the compliments guys…

And no, Pure win extract was out of our budget this year. We decided instead to invest in a magic generator.

600th Post!

Now this is a good teaser.

Michigan teams have bags. Don’t you wish everyone did? :rolleyes:

since when is a turret swerve drive KISS? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because you put a big black rectangle over it doesn’t make a helper monkey legal for this year’s game.

FYI - Win Extract is 98% cinnamon. The rest is proprietary.

My guess: A jaw like system with two roller systems that seperate giving a large volume for hope loading, then bite together and roll all the balls out?

Dustin, why don’t you reveal the jet packs that lift the bot off the ground. Also hiding the tank of C02 won’t help. Good thing no one saw the magnets that weigh 50 lbs. Jk. So wanna see your bot in action btw. Have fun.

It’s a robotic gator, that eats the balls from the trailers. How do you plan to get them out of the trailer?

U got my word, the bag is hidden under the bed…neat design though, looks like it works.