pic: 816's 2011 Frame (Teaser?)

Here’s the frame for our 2011 Machine “Anomaly V10.0”.

After 6 years we’ve returned to a welded base frame after being unable to hold a respectable tolerance with a custom non-welded frame. The side rails are CNC-ed 4x4 tube and hold the wheels, chains and associated hardware - the center wheels are to be direct driven via a super shifter. Hopefully it works well.

Weight of the bare frame is right around 14.5lbs which is better than most frames we’ve built in the past. If we really need to we can probably pull a pound or so out of the frame, but we’ll let the rest of the robot dictate that decision.

Looks like a good start 816. 222 is taking a 3x5 box channel approach that bolts together we should have some pics. to share soon.

This frame is awesome. Rather light, rigid, and easy to use. I’d love to have one of these some year. Should be sick.

Great stuff Dustin! What wheels are you planning on using?

6" AM Plaction wheels. I’ve yet to find something better for the price. We used and abused them last year and after 5 competitions we only had one wheel showing minor damage.

Hopefully, if all goes well tonight, I should be able to post up a picture of a 90% complete drive-base tomorrow morning. :smiley:

looking good… team 571 as many of you might know have alway built wood chassis… but in 2011 we are making the first alluminum chassis in the teams history… our chassis will be made out of good old 1x1 box stock… good luck too all the teams… a teaser will be available shortly

Great start Dustin! Looking forward to seeing what your manipulator looks like. Hopefully we will run into each other at champs.


As far as the manipulator, we’re leaning towards a 4-Bar with Roller claw, but there’s still a bit up in the air due to the whole Banebots 775 Transmission Mystery.

Yeah man we decided just to use 2 of the 550’s to power our elevator since they are so equal in power and the transmissions were available

Sweet!!! what made yall decide on 6WD?

I’m gonna go ahead and speak for Dustin here.

“Common sense.”


What kind of reduction are you guys putting those through? I’ve heard that the 550s are delicate and don’t handle load very well…

  • Sunny

They’re delicate in the sense that you cant abuse them and stall them, but as long as you design for them and dont stall them it shouldn’t be a problem. If we find theyre not holding up we can always switch to the 775’s but I think we will be fine.

We’re running 2 through a 32:1 reduction to a 2.5" pulley. Under full load they will only be drawing 20 amps collectively. Our elevator is light :cool:

What configuration (ie: gear ratios) of the Supershifter are you gonna be running? aka: what speeds are you shooting for?


Haha, of course it’s light. I got to crunching some numbers and it seems like that route seems a lot better than the 4 window motors were going to throw together.

  • Sunny

I ran some numbers with both the 550’s and the 775’s and while the 550 was capable of doing what we needed it to do, we felt that the added robustness of the 775 was something that we wanted.

There was really no reason that we could come up with to not build a 6WD. The field is flat, relatively unobstructed, and the game called for mobility, speed and pushing power (Or at least the ability to hold your ground), so we felt that 6WD was the best option to fit all of those.

We’re running the stock gear ratios on the Super Shifter. With a 6" wheel, we’re looking at a low Gear of somewhere around 5fps and a high gear somewhere around 13fps after adjusting for efficiency and all that fun stuff.

dustin… looking forward to seeing you guys in jersey. im assuming you are using 6" x 1" plactions, looks good. should hold up to some solid challenges.

hoping for a strong season from you guys again :slight_smile: ill get something up for 2016 on here soon…


Are you building the same lift as your 08 bot?

Kinsuk, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we are planning on using 6"x1" AM Plaction wheels, just like we used last year. I’ve yet to find anything better in the same price range that has been proven to handle the abuse of FRC.

Also, I don’t know if Tyler told you or not, but our Practice field will be available Starting on January 31st, I’d love it if you guys came down for some scrimmaging.

We talked about it, and then ruled out the idea once the 60" cylinder was ruled as 84". Problem with that lift was that it was heavy as all hell and there wasn’t really an easy way to lighten it up.