pic: 816's 2011 Robot, Anomaly Revision X.

Myself and some others on 816 decided that our Robot Didn’t Perform to our liking in our first event, so we decided that a small rebuild was in order. That small rebuild turned into a new Arm, Claw, Minibot, and Minibot Deployment.

You guys had a completely different robot in terms of performance in philly. From what i saw in the webcast it looks like all your improvements have taken you guys to another level and your bot ended up as a monster.

Dustin, what you managed to do Thursday is incredible man. I still don’t believe how the overhaul was a success.

Can’t wait to share the field in the offseason with you man.

I think our robots were separated at birth. We need to reunite them somehow.


Hats off to your team. I know from experience that total robot rebuilds are near impossible, but you can do it with a very strict set gameplan to go through on Thursday. I remember rebuilding our 2009 robot at FLR on Thursday morning from the base up to change our entire roller configuration, and it was TOUGH. We managed to do it and make it to the playing field late Thursday afternoon that weekend, but I know for sure how tough it is.

Congrats man, I look forward to seeing big things from this team during the offseason. Maybe we can share the field at some point too. :wink:


Dustin, this is definitely a huge overhaul, congrats on pulling it off! That is no small feat. Do you have any links to videos you are particularly proud of?


To Dustin and all of 816, what you pulled off is incredible. Your robot is awesome, a true work of art. I love the redesign! :slight_smile:


The best part is the yellow polycord on the claw :cool:

Thanks for the kind words everyone, rebuilding our bot was possibly the most challenging and rewarding experience of this season. That being said - I don’t think we’d ever try to do it again, but it was definitely worth it.

I’m sure there are videos somewhere, but none that I know of or have seen. I’m hoping that someone archived the webcast and that the videos will find their way onto TBA.

Thanks again for hooking us up with the Polycord and your Polycord master. That kid is awesome.