pic: 816's Ball Possessor... Rev. 1

Our first attempt at making a ball possessor started with a roller that was supposed to spin the ball into the chassis. We knew this worked great for other teams but for some reason we couldn’t get ours to work correctly.

We (Nick and I) decided that we needed a better ball possessor if we intended to stay competitive throughout the rest of the season so, I came up with this guy. We call it the “Ball Pincher” and its basically two oppositely rotating sets of wheels that are powered by a window motor that pinch the ball into our robot chassis. (Think Palming a ball)

It worked pretty well for us in Philly, considering that it was thrown together on Thursday and barely tested before our first Qualifier. We’re planning on revising it for the Championship so that it will be more robust and less likely to carry balls over transitions into the field and into the goals.

Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome.