pic: 816's First Teaser

I was bored so I made a teaser, real pics will be up tomorrow or Monday, but I figured I’d have some fun first.

nice forklift system, is there anything securing the top of the ball or is it kind of just sitting there?

the picture is actually partially staged the ball isn’t in the fully held position the forks actually pivot back to cradle the ball against the lifter. there was an upper arm that would help us hold the ball tighter but we took it off this morning because it was deemed unnecessary and a mentor and i broke it while driving:rolleyes:

so did you deem it unnecessary, or did you break it? or did breaking it help you come to the conclusion that it was unnecessary?:stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm we found out we didn’t need it last night and didn’t take it off but kept it to try in auto. And as the mentor and I staged the autonomous/hybrid, we pushed it into the ball to try to knock it off and we hit it a bit to hard and bent the piston so we just took it off. Like I said more pics will be up later

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