pic: 816's hybrid teaser!!

I broke my “no more programming” rule today and helped my friend Hoffman with some hybrid code. Can anyone get what we’re doing?

Your having it so that depending on where you start or what you tell it before it does different stuff.

Were planning on doing pretty much the exact same thing. Its only our second year and we didn’t attempt autonomous last year. How do you do (wire and program) the toggle switch?

to use a toggle switch wire the white and black pwms to the two pins of the switch then you just program it like a digital input

Noooo anything but chuck norris! It’s nice to know a team as good as 25 is on the same thought path as us.


Sorry for the poster below’s cynical response.

this guy is not a member of our team (25) and apparently has some issues with us. You can see that if you track down to his source.

I am sure the CD moderators will soon kill his access because they do not allow attacks from people misrepresenting themselves and slandering other teams.

I must admit that it is somehow oddly satisfying to have people who I don’t even know really hate our team so much. We must be doing something that is making some sort of impact.

And I just thought we were in this for fun.

Good luck with your coding!!

wc :cool:

thanks for the clarification