pic: 823543:1 Reduction Versaplanatery

I guess I didn’t give enough instruction when I asked an inexperienced team member to assemble a versa planetary with a 1:7 reduction. Once he reached this step he asked where he could find bolts long enough to hold it together.

It ended up as a 7^7:1 (823543:1) reduction.


Too funny!

If my quick calculations are correct, you’d have to wait 57 minutes to watch the output shaft make one revolution!

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this will resolve any issue with back drive.

But man, think of the torque implications that has!

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Just barely falls off the load rating chart.

However you can always ship it back to Paul if you break it; you know, see what happens.

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Should be fine if you ever need to pick up a truck…or a house.

If only the internal gearing on the final 3 stages and the 1/2" hex output shaft could carry the torque! :rolleyes:

261,000 foot-pounds of torque could lift every single robot in FRC together… still with a 12" spool. Of course, you’d want to use like a 3" spool so it could still lift at peak power, not stall… and it’d take about 2 and a half hours… and 254’s stockpile of batteries.

This looks like something 71 would be responsible for :smiley:

So have you found the screws yet? Reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUbpb23yTK8

Do you even torque?

or a boulder…

Congratulations; you almost just made yourself the world’s torquiest hour hand.

Ahh… the old long con…

Why climb up to the scaling rungs when you can move the entire field down to your robot’s height?

Too funny. At least that team member is learning the idea of gear ratios. haha

You might draw enough current just turning all those gears to actually brown out your RoboRIO. At free speed.

Give me enough gearboxes and I’ll move the world.

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I wonder how much voltage you can apply before a sun gear shears off? Also which one will shear?

I imagine this will happen even if nothing is connected to the output shaft.

Efficiency? We don’t need no efficiency!

Reminded me of this.