pic: 829 robot (Wazoo2.0) as of 9pm web. #1

Our robot as of the end of tonight!

That is a very nice wheel. Are you shooting? Any chance of a video? And that conveyor system is crazy-sweet!

Note: The whole robot is held together by glue and gussets/rivets

um no videos yet but soon and yes it does its an AM Plaction Wheel with a PVC pipe covered in tread

how many different conveyer belts r there?

2 and we have a lil trick up our sleeves to hold more balls

Oh my… what a robot. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see it in action, and I hope it does well. Whoever came up with the amazing roller system is a genius in my opinion. :smiley: What regionals are you guys planning to go to?

I just saw that chain path…OMG

Hows the durability of the FP motor as your drive for the shooter? We had ours mated with the AM planetary gearbox also.

We had issues with it getting too hot too fast and stalling.

When we switched ours out with a CIM, it eliminated issues we had initially.

The Am gear box is working out pretty well and the thing is with those FP motors work the best when they are at full speed and burn up at full stall in 20 sec.

And we are going to Buckeye and Purdure regionals and hopefully Worlds :smiley:

hey wow this robot looks cool…omg i want to c it in person lol :stuck_out_tongue:

how many balls can you hold? It looks like a rube goldberg machine

Not going to look quite like this when you see it in action.

a COLOSSAL Robot… looks very cool.
Good luck!!

is it really ledss than 5 feet tall