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A nice little look into the future?

Laser cut baltic birch… I’m so glad someone else is continuing that. Its such an awesome way to build a robot. I still don’t understand why more teams don’t embrace the wonder material.

How strong of a laser was used to cut this?

When we had ours cut we were running up to 18mm baltic birch on a 4000 watt laser. I don’t know all the details but I know the feedrate on it is super slow in that thickness. It still cut it with no problem though.

Is 2415 going the wooden path or are they stick to metal?

  • Sunny

The laser the company uses can’t be used in the evening and night durning the summer, because it draw some much current the neighborhood its in it blows transformer!

How are you planning on attaching the wheel to the hex shaft?

You’ll just have to see when the scrimmage rolls around sunny. All I can say is its going to be very slick looking and performing.

AndyMark Hex hub.