pic: 829's robot Lynn


Here is our Overdrive robot Lynn prior to shipping. Too bad she has to be covered by bumpers.

nice job! the panels look similar to ours and yes it is unfortunate that bumpers will be blocking the fine metal work on the sheet metal

how does it propel the ball forward or doesn’t it?

I like it a lot do you have any video? Too bad that you couldn’t get the rest of your bot anodized(?) gold. That gold is teh awesome.

umm i can tell you it picks it up :slight_smile: you’ll just have to wait for st.Louis and Purdue to see how it works lets just say we us a lot of air

It raises the ball and then shoots it over.

No video. We had plans to get more anodized but the bad weather last week ruined that plan. Maybe we will get it all done up before IRI this year.

Do I spy a new linkage on your wheelie bar?

Does the side of the frame rail say something?

See you all at purdue…


Why yes you do. It says 829