pic: 830 Teaser # 2

These are arrow shafts and the thing in the middle is 1 Dualt out of +14.

14?!? Are you gonna have a shifting drive, arm, grabber, lift and… I dunno, fans???

Is that a Drill?

i think you guys are gonna have a crossbow mechanism to shoot the tetras :smiley: oh and the dewalt caseing. im guessing thats just there to hide the secret hyperactive mice.

You guys are good guessers!! But what do we use the arrows for?

Try killing the hyper active mice after they eat all the tetras. But not until they cap themselves.

no no no, they’re gonna shoot all the drivers, or at least impare them

are youguys using a is a some type of shrif?

Well, shooting people is very graciously professional. But the hyperactive mice idea is good, as long as they stay attached to our robot, they have to regurgitate the tetras onto the goals…

maybe instead of a regular tip, it could have some topical anesthetic that would cause the drivers and operators to lose feeling in their hands, thus impairing the robots movement, or greatly handicapping it.

they are using the arrows to pick up the tetras \m/… or like using the 3 prong thingy at the end in some way… like they ziptied 14 of those arrows together for thier arm!?!

You recruited Legolas to be a driver?

Well, still not too close, but good guess. By the way, we would never do anything like put living things our rour robot, PETA would prolly get mad at us