pic: 830 teaser # 3 Pneumatic Pistons

Do you think we have enough?

Now, what are all those for?

:ahh: A PNEUMATIC WALKER for their DRIVETRAIN!!! :ahh:

Man, I shoulda thought of that … :slight_smile:

it appears to be in the shape of a racetrack :cool:


Why not?

now are you guys usign all of them at once ???

'Must be celebrating Speedweeks in Daytona, Florida then! I know I am!

With the red tips, it almost looks like an arms display…

you aren’t planning on selling those to insurgent forces now, are you?

-News Flash-

…Allied forces ambushed by party carrying pneumatic pistons…

then again could be for a couple practice bots lol. or they found a bargain haha

Or they have a huge spare parts budget :rolleyes:

…why?? :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :eek:

well, they were for our base expansion mechanisms, but we realised a while ago that we dont need them. there isnt actaully any pneumatics on our robot, but if things keep going the way they are (thursday is rebuild your robot at competition day) then we may put some back on… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: