pic: 832 2011 Robot Base

Quil was good friend and a great mentor. Godspeed Taz.

Nice robot. What is the frame made out of? I can’t tell if it’s steel or anodized aluminum.

It doesn’t help that I’m colorblind.


Sorry for your loss, team 1557 sends it’s regards,
We missed you guys at UCF this year.

The frame is painted aluminum, Oscar green with a black fade on the edges. Total robot weight was 98 lbs.

Thanks, we missed being there. Do you know if there will there be a TNT next fall?

not sure, you’d have to ask KRUNCH, but i think i saw a flyer or too detailing the next TNT.

Yes, there will be a TNT event this year, it will be September 16th and 17th

It’s good to see how the bell that thing came together. After I saw the leftover sheet metal in our shop, I was left completely confused haha.
And I’m going to miss Mr. Quillin. He was a great mentor and an awesome person. Both of you were always there to help us out at our regionals.