pic: 832 Finished Robot

Well, here it is in all of its glory: Team 832’s robot, OVERKILL! we decided to go with this name because of the excessive power provided by some of our motor/transmission combinations. The other name we were toying with was Lockjaw, but Overkill just seemed to fit better.

cant wait to see it in action.
can it go up ramps?

The grabber looks sort of like the upper half of ours :slight_smile:

How did you cut the plastic? We (I) used a table jigsaw, which worked marvelously.

It goes up ramps quite well. We had it go up a 30 degree incline (al dia plate) here at school. Also has a smaller that average footprint.

The manipulator was cut on a band saw.

See you at Peachtree

Ah, You beat me to the punch…Man, i wish I got to see it before you guys shipped it…Did you guys get it all working?

Looks awsome man! The grabber and the electronics panel look great!