pic: 832's 2009 Robot "Taz-bot"

Beautiful robot… blah blah blah



I had the same question. This bot is even trashcan shaped, it would have been perfect.

One of the first things I thought of this year when I saw the “no leaving the starting envelope” rule was “poor Oscar is going to be trapped in his can all season long!”. 832 clearly did the humane thing by leaving the grouch off the robot this year. Hopefully we’ll be seeing lots of Oscar in the pits.

(btw, sweet robot!)

That looks like an awesome design. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at Peachtree and hopefully competing together. Do you have any video?

Oscar is back at his old gig-namely entertaining kids (young and old) at robotics demonstrations. But have no fear; he will be making appearances in the pits and can’t wait to see everyone! Taz, however, is our new “monster”.

Good looking robot I am sure it works as good as it looks. 1319 is looking forward to playing with you at Peachtree, maybe we will get the chance to align once again for a win, that sure would be nice. See ya in a few weeks.

Good to see a kicker installed since scrimmage :slight_smile: too bad yall couldnt shoot there. See yall at peachtree with our awesome spirals (cept yalls is much prettier) :smiley:

hey all. we don’t have any video of the bot. but for those that are not at peachtree now, the robot is, by far a beast. the balls are caught by a spinning weel at the bottom of the boit [by the yellow, scraggley things on the bottom :)] after it’s caught by that, it runs up the spiral in the cylinder, caught by the big sweeper in the middle. after it gets to the top, one small wheel transports it to the turrent, triggering the big weel [at the top] to shoot the cells. it’s really an amazing thing. for those that don’t see the regoinal

Congratulations on the victory 832, I would not have been as happy losing to any other team but you guys. Good luck on the rest of the season and I hope to see you at the Championships.

Great bot guys! It was a blast to compete with yall! Good luck the rest of the season! :smiley:

I second this.

Thanks, it was a little bittersweet winning against Flash and Burning Magnetos, our buddies from 2007. Best of luck in Palmetto and I hope to see you guys at Championships

Don’t worry about that at all, enjoy the victory. I too hope to see you at the Championships, however we are going to have to fight and earn our way in at Palmetto.

I know you guys can do it. We’ll be rooting for you. Is there going to be a video feed?