pic: 839 unfolded

Rosie is unfolded to its full 11 feet length and Autumn is 13 inches of the floor.

O_O That is a MASSIVE ramp. Good job on it.

Optical illusion - it looks like some magic smoke was caught on film.
Looks like Autumn could take a nap on that thing. All she needs is a nice fluffy pillow.

that looks cool. you guys are going to get a lot of points in the last part of the match.

11 feet long, less than 20 degree incline and 13 inches high.

My question to the rest of the FIRST community is: How many teams have at least 1 inch ground clearance and a wheel width (distance between the outside dimension of your wheels/tracks) of less then 26 inches?

We can probably fit that.

BTW I saw this unfold in a live match, its pretty cool!!