pic: 842 2018

Our robot for 2018. Simple elevator robot: 6 MiniCIM single speed drivetrain, 2 CIMs for the elevator, 1 BAG for the wrist, 2 BAGs for the intake. No pneumatics (I think this is the first time in at least a decade for us).

The goal was to keep it light and fast, it was ~82lbs on the scale during inspection. The hooks on the bottom of the carriage allow it to climb.

This is the robot we tried to build, only executed so much better. Terrific work, 842. Just so smooth and effective.

Very cool. What are those pointy aluminum pieces for on the top bearing bolts? Congrats on your win.

Looks good! I like the bearing blocks for the elevator. Is it a cascade or continuous?

EDIT: Never mind, I payed more attention to your robot in the finals match. Congrats on the win again!

Those are small guides to keep the cube from snagging our bearing blocks on the way up. We tend to tack on lots of little pieces like that as the season goes on to smooth out our mechanisms.

Did you guys find any more damage other than the POE injector clip after 4603 tried to make little robots with yours in the Semis? I am soooo glad that you guys use quick disconnects on your motor controllers. That could have been ugly…er.

Another great looking robot from 842!
What kind of wire connectors are you using on your speed controlers?

Radio Control stuff…I think they’re RC 60 style

They look like XT60 connectors.

What reduction did you use on your VPs + bag motors for your intake?

What spring force did your intake springs have?

You’d be correct in that guess, yea. Lil xt’s all around.

They are 15:1.

The springs are the largest torsion springs you can buy from mcmaster, with a max torque of just 40 in-lbs. Most of the gripping force comes from latex tubing on the underside of the claw.

What gearing did you use for your drivetrain?

5.67:1 using 4" wheels. We are using Colson wheels for the middle wheels and omni wheels on the corners. The omni wheels make it much more stable when the elevator is up.