pic: 842 Ball Hopper

We used 80 lbs bottom trawling line from a fishing store

That’s pretty awesome!
I like the way your team thinks outside the box! :slight_smile:

That is very inventive, very creative, nice job!
Good luck at all of your regionals this year!

Man, trawling line is a lot more useful than you’d think in robotics. We used it to raise our forklift last year, and we’re using it again this year to sew our belts together (SBR type belt, and we couldn’t figure out another way to connect the ends). It’s fun stuff, only problem I have with it is that our stuff is dark green, so every time you work with it your hands end up looking like you were playing with old copper.

Nice design, we thought about a hopper but were afraid the balls would end up getting stuck. This is a good way of lessening that issue while weighing almost nothing!

Game Hint #1 - Moonfish - I didn’t know that meant to use fishing line while playing Lunacy! :smiley:

I love your design!! Very creative I must say. How many balls can it hold at its maximum?

I must say, that’s a pretty spiffy design. How’s it working for you?

Great looking bot’ hope to play with you guys again this year!


5 in the elevator and 7 in the hopper section

So far so good!

We are doing Ariz regional and the championships. Hope to see you too. Thanks for picking us last year, we wish we could have helped you go all the way. Maybe this year!

Nice design.
Good Luck!