pic: 842 - Dulce's Dream

FIRST team 842’s 2011 robot, Dulce’s Dream. Number 1 seed at AZ and winning alliance captain! Major thanks to 330 and 2662 for joining our alliance and bringing home the win.

This is the first time 842 has won a regional. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of people, and I’m glad the countless hours spent building, practicing, tweaking, and repairing paid off! See everyone at St. Louis!

Congrats, I have said it before but I love your arm design.

Were you able to get the double tube autonomous working?

Congratulations, this proves innovation goes along way.

They got the single tube auto working for the last qualifying match, and since all 3 robots on their eliminations alliance had working auto, they did not need double for the eliminations.

I had the opportunity to help the Falcons figure out the problem with autonomous, glad I could help!

Words can not communicate the gratitude I have for all to help make this robot great this year. Frank, Mike from team 39 and Steve former NERD and Steve’s Dad Jim! Team 842 you rock! Carmen for the press releases. Eira, Greg, Jim, and Ken, Thank you! Karen, Jerry we can never repay you for all your dedication and drive. We have more talent working with us than ever before! Let go take em on at the championships! Dulce…Keep DREAMing!

PS I know I missing somebody, thank you! Who ever you are!

Amazing job 842! All of us at 2791 were rooting for you, especially when you picked that robot that looks suspiciously similar to us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations on your first regional win. I’m beginning to regret not building one of those fancy linkage arms.

I absolutely love your arm design. Congrats on the regional win!