pic: 842 Falcon Robotics BreakAway Bot img.3

Front-Side View

looks like you are using metal bumpers? or are they the mounts for the bumpers?

I’m guessing bumper mounts. Guessing they’re actually fiberglass (and same for the chassis).

If those were metal bumpers, and the only bumpers they used, then they would have no chance of passing inspection.

Looks like you have decided to stick with the tunnel route? A good choice if you ask me. Very clean looking chassis. Beautiful.

yep i know that’s why i was asking just trying to be helpful and are you sure its fiber glass it looks metal to me, also maby the wheels for driving across the bridge? because the way they are set.

Metal doesn’t have that fiber pattern or tan color. Add that to the fact that 842 is known for use of fiberglass as a frame component, and I would be greatly surprised if it wasn’t fiberglass pultrusion. Any metal that big would probably have speedholes by now, too.

They also say it is pultruded fiberglass in one of their other pictures.

Looks nice and clean 842. Maybe I’ll make it to your pit in Atlanta to check it out. Good luck.

right my bad lol I’m not good by telling things by picture :o

Please correct my errors in vision or understanding, but don’t the mecanum wheel rollers need to be inline with the diagonals? If so, it appears to me that you need to swap front to rear. Or does it work out the same either way??

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I question myself because 842 is such an engineering power-house and innovator.::safety::

You’re right, the back two need to be swapped so that there is an X pattern from the top.
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Looking good, 842! how many kickers are you planning for?

Well the best way to make the mecanum wheels to work is to get the rollers in a X pattern. Unless 842 has come up with some new way to harness the power?

is the quick check to see if you can spin the robot about it’s center, on it’s rollers? if so you have them backwards.

They are not permanently on there they were just slipped on for the pic… nice to know you guys pay such close attention!

Yeah, you gotta have thick skin to post pictures here :slight_smile:

Its a great place to find out how wrong “you” are!