pic: 842 vs 25 and 254 Vegas

842 working valiantly to try to stop 25 and 254 in the semifinals at the Las Vegas regional

Best match I have ever drove in, 25 and 254 are great teams.

842 and its partners put up a good fight in these semi-finals rounds. We scouted the Falcons all weekend and they were very high on our “pick list”. These students should be very proud of the robot they fielded this year!

this is one of the best and funest matchs all season 25 and 254 got us this time and i hope we get to play again in Atlanta and next time all 4 kicker will be used.

Not only was this a fun match but I also have to give props to team 254s human player. See you in Atlanta.:cool:

That is one scary set of opponents to see on the field together…