pic: 848 Puts a Massive Pin on 399

The bumper on 399’s bot reads “THE TIN MAN.” So that means there’s a whole “N” inside 848.

I think that this was one of the most exciting matches of the entire day. It was sad to see 399 and 848 hooked up on each other however because overall the finals matches were so fast paced and both robots had such potential. If I remember correctly this was a very close game and was awesome to watch.

“Bumper to bumper contact” indeed! Who needs that when you can use your ball accumulator as a robot accumulator?

I hope there was a penalty assessed for this interaction. Anyone want to fill those of us who were not there in?

Who would the penalty be assessed to??

We were worried about the pin and were pleasantly surprised when 848 pulled away. We were quickly able to maneuver our way out and score some more.

I would say 848 for contact outside the bumper zone.

This type of interaction occured at least 4 times to us in quarter and semi finals. (a bot climbed under us or on top of us during a pin)

There were no penaltys assessed on robots in any match. It could have changed outcomes of some matches, but oh well.

(We didn’t challenge it because we weren’t sure if it was a penalty or not. If someone finds out if it is, or isn’t, it would be nice to know. I was fine with it because the calls were consistent both ways. We ended up under a robot at one point tooo)

Why would there be a penalty for this, especially on 848? 848 has “four wheels on the floor” and is initiating contact within its own bumper zone. To add insult to injury, it looks like 399 could have been flagged for either a height violation or the bumpers being out of the bumper zone when tipped (though 848 probably caused 399 to violate these rules, so no penalties would be the correct call).

Obviously I wasn’t there, so I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but from this picture alone, I don’t see what 848 did wrong.

<G32>, especially sections B, C, and D, does not explicitly outlaw this type of defense in my opinion (unless 848 used some sort of wedge to get 399 off the ground).

I don’t see how you could assess a penalty to them for contact outside the bumper zone when their robots bumpers are within the bumper zone.

I just can’t see how a penalty can be applied to this situation. It is unfortunate that 399 was in a position like that which made them more than likely unable to move for a majority of the match, but I highly doubt 848 wedged under them and lifted to initiate contact outside of the bumper zone.

Just my 2 cents.


That’s exactly why we didn’t challenge it. Anyhow 848 ended up pulling away which gave us the chance to take the match.

I’m gonna have to call you on that. The next round, 1388 had their turn being pinned, by 2659. That one lasted almost the entire match.

For those that think this is a penalty, it wasn’t called as one, for reasons already mentioned. 848 has no floor loader; that space is used for herding balls. There are no wedges on the robot in that area. It’s just open. Should a robot go inside, who takes the penalty? Nobody, because the contact would have initiated in the bumper perimeter if there was a bumper there.

We put a similar pin on 238 in Florida. When the trailer is jackknifed and the back of the bot is against a wall, there’s NOTHING the pinned robot can do. We held our pin without a worry of it breaking (or of being scored on by a PS) for a full 45 seconds until the super cell came in at the end and won us the match by 1 point. 238 was a consistent scorer too, so it was worth it for us to stay idle for that long given the capabilities of the bots on the field. 1144 said that defense was the sole reason they picked us second round ^^. Too bad theirs and 665’s comms cut out in QFs.

If the regional ever gets archived, look up Match #72.

I’m going to have to disagree. If my wheels were touching, I could bet that we would be able to get out of the pin. Earlier in the day the same pin happened, but at least our wheels were touching. I managed to get out the pin with some pushing and careful turning. maybe the robot doing the pin was lacking, but unless our wheels arent touching, I wouldn’t say theres nothing we can do. =)



I am the mentor for team 848 and we feel honored to be mentioned on Chief Delphi. What a great regional it was and we had an excellent time. Our green robot made out of Bamboo plywood and with a simple design far exceeded our expectations. Team 399 was our favorite robot and we were glad to give them a run for their money in the play-offs. We moved away from the pin because we felt it was best in the spirit of gracious professionalism and also because we were losing the match at the time. Additionally, team 399’s human player was awesome and still scoring on us. We needed to herd an empty cell to our human player to exchange for a super cell in order to have any chance at victory…did anyone see our buzzer beater 30 foot shoot with the super cell?

As far as a penalty, I don’t think any team deserved one. It was a great match and despite losing, we went away feeling great about ourselves. Team 399 members stood at the exit after the game, shook our hands and congratulated us on a great match. The end result was exactly as the competition was intended to be: challenging, fair, fun, exciting and gracious.

Thanks to all for a great regional.:yikes:

You guys were great and I made sure to let your drive team know how well they did. We were surprised when you moved back and we weren’t exactly sure why until now, but we high tailed it out of there to score again.

Oh and just FYI that was 1388’s human player scoring on you. You guys were high on our list of teams to be chosen as a third bot, but unfortunately you were the first to be picked.

Neither team would have deserved a penalty. No rules against pinning this year.

But there are rules about contact outside the bumper zone, which is what is being discussed.

Shouldn’t that be a penalty or something?:confused: :confused: :confused: