pic: 848 Puts a Massive Pin on 399

Then referees would have been unable to determine who is at fault, looking at the picture and watching the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qG_qWe9OyE

Yea, it was probably to chaotic to see what happened.

848 could have hit 399 and pushed it up, 399 could have driven up 848. Both could have collided and this result.

I think no penalty is the right choice unless live it was really easy to see who to blame.

Out of all the possible outcomes of an attempted pin, this seems rather improbable. I wouldn’t consider putting a penalty on either team mostly because it’s just one of those crazy things that happens during competition. I’m sure 848’s intention was not to ingest 399, as I’m sure 399’s goal was not to try and phase through 848’s bot. Since this year, all robots must remain within their bumper zones, I’m not sure out of bumber zone contact is an enforcable penalty.

I’d say it’s things like this that really bring a lot of excitement to FIRST competitions.

I was the driver for 848 that pinned 399. All I have to say is that this was one of the best times of my life. Our robotics team is a senior-only class each year, so we’re always a rookie team. I wish I could have done this all through HS, not just senior year.
In hindsight, I keep telling myself that we should have kept on 399 for longer. I had no idea that 399 was inside of us :yikes: There was an empty cell on the floor, and I moved away so we could bring it back to our human shooter. But man, I can’t believe how fun this was. Wish we could have stayed competing for longer. Being picked by you guys, 399, would have been such an insane experience. Imagine where we could have gone…

edit: Also, I remember you, robodude03, coming up to us before one of our matches. It was so amazing to hear that you’d actually been thinking of choosing us. It was such a great feeling.
I saw the youtube video of our last match, the Quarterfinal 1 Match 2. Where can I find any other videos [of us]? I’ve checked thebluealliance.net but nothing’s been posted yet.

With the top defense you guys showed in your matches of course we were thinking of choosing you guys. Our team was looking for good drivers and a bot that could really move, you guys had that. However, as I had mentioned before you were picked first probably for the very same reasons. I was actually sitting next to some of your team members during the alliance pickings.

I really appreciate that. I can only imagine what could have been. Either way I’m grateful to have been picked at all, and to have had another chance in the competition. 696 and 1160 picking us was awesome enough because it brought us into the playoffs. Thanks guys!

As a mentor, I have been monitoring this thread to see if people are acting in a professional manner. I would like to congratulate robodude on his professionalism and sound character. I would also like to thank him on recognizing the defensive manner of our bot. We had a simple plan…avoid being scored upon too often and give our human player a good shot with a super cell. We looked at the competition as a +/- situation like in hockey. Thanks again for a great regional.

Thank you for the comment. Your team definitely executed the plan well as could be seen in the picture. I couldn’t even see whether we were tipped back as is shown in the picture. All I knew is that we were pinned and that our only hope was to wiggle our way out of there. Although we saw the supercell come out into play we made sure we kept moving throughout the match and scoring whenever possible. Those were some great matches and you forced us to change our strategy. We couldn’t catch your bot to make a decent score so we decided to send our defensive bot after you and go after 1160 in the next match.