pic: 85 BOB

BOB is ready to go.

Nice Robot,

Is there any protection for the Electronics, because it looks like its just out in the open, and that to that particular system could be damaged because of all of the balls flaying everywhere.


EDIT: Never Mind, I see that its “Case” is open. :yikes: Didn’t notice. :]

As i see many teams now have found out about that light, light, light lexan stuff. I used that for our robot last year and then the same type but the aluminum stuff for a base and it’s the best stuff out there. good luck 85!

Yeah, that stuff is the best. If you get a chance, you should check out our crate at the competitions. We made it using this material and some aluminum. Not only does it make our crate light weight (enough to have use avoid shiping fees during 2005), but found a way for the crate to transform back and from from crate mode to robto cart/table/pit back drop mode. It’s pretty cool. I’ll try to dig up a current picture of it if you want.