pic: 862 Trailer

Our trailer got new graphics Saturday.

Looking Good guys, I was checking out the pictures on the website and you are looking good this year. The trailer looks sweet. The vinyl is very nice. I wish you and you team the best of luck at Great Lakes, and we will see you there. Question… Did keith do those deacls? If so tell him they look sweet. He used to do the HOT teams when I was on there team, and he was a pro at it. (If that is the keith that I was thinking of I know he works at BOSCH now) anyway good luck, and the decals look sweet Great Job!:slight_smile:

When I saw “862 trailer” I was expecting a Robot video. :o I am only mildly disappointed with a pic of a sweet looking “towing trailer”.

What do you load into the trailer? Custom Pit, Drill presses, etc…?

so was I
wonder if they did that on purpose?:wink:

[corny joke] WOW! you built that with only a hacksaw and drill??? [/corny joke]

Nice trailer.

Nice job! We just acquired a trailer and I’ve been thinking about ways to decorate it. Paint seems like too much of a challenge, but those decals came out nice!

Hmmmm… If only U-Haul would let us put our logos on their trailer… Only then would it look as pimped out.

As you might imagine - “hacksaw and drill” went right out the window this year. We had to figure out how to use power tools - in all seriousness, it was alot harder than you would imagine…