pic: 868 Electrical Board 2015

Here is FRC 868 TechHOUNDS’ new electrical board for the 2015 season. More coming soon!

Looks good. Mind describing your breakouts on top of your talons?


Oops those disconnected wires go to our custom MXP port breakout board (it was on our practice bot at the time of the photo).

The breakout boards on our talons were custom designed to breakout all of the extra features of the Talon SRX motor controllers. The board breaks out a port for a quadrature encoder, 2 limit switches, and an analog input. It also makes routing the CAN wires a little bit simpler. After we thoroughly test the boards we’ll try to release all of the board files to the community.

How does it do that? The Talon SRX data port doesn’t have the CAN signals on any of the pins.

Looks good guys. Excited to see what y’all come up with this year.

Looks like the “out” for the Talon goes to a screw terminal on the breakout, and there is a plug on the other side for the “in” on the next Talon on the bus.