pic: 868 V.E.X. Competition: Cold Chaos

Sorry, but my computer kicked me off when I was trying to post the caption for this picture last night :ahh: . So, this is the V.E.X. Challenge we came up with for our “FIRSTEP” Summer Camp where we students mentor kids from 1st-8th grade. I created an animation to help the kids better understand the game (formatting it the way the beginning-of-season animation is like).

Here’s the link:


That looks like a really cool game, and I love how you made a Plow-e!

Hope that all goes well for you guys with the camp.

A game with balls in which Plow-E doesn’t get hurt! I think he finally got smart and learned to dodge the balls :smiley:

This looks like a really interesting game to be a part of. I hope you all do well in your camp!!

Looks like a fun game. Loved the animation. Watch out Dave Lavery! :yikes:

Good luck with your camps! :cool:

Well, I don’t know 3ds Max so I don’t think I can do what Dave Lavery does… I did all of that animating on Autodesk Inventor since thats all I knew how to do! But thanks for the compliments! The camp went extremely well by the way. Its over now, but we’ll have some videos up on our website sometime soon! (www.techhounds.com)

Good game. Nice job on the animation.

My match strategy would be to have one alliance member push and hold a snowball on the opposing alliances Iceberg while the other team on my alliance scores icecubes for our alliance.

Unless there is a rule against this… Q&A anyone? :wink:

Well the way you score the balls is by having them in your igloo, not the other alliance’s. It was surprisingly hard for teams to get the balls because it was such a score booster. Also, there is no pinning penalty so that was also important to strategies.

Aww, you shouldn’t have mentioned descoring in the video. Let the creative kids figure that out and win that way :slight_smile:

Looks like a solid game, nice job.