pic: 8th Seed Alliance at WPI

This is the 8th seed alliance at the WPI Regional headed by team 571. Right before the match against the 1st seed alliance. The Blue Alliance defeated the Red Alliance 54-32.

Very cool photo! Glad to see that WPI has carried over the blue & red field lighting traditionally used for BattleCry to the WPI Regional!

Yes. WPI always has awesome lighting. Good job everyone who was in charge of the the lighting.

That was a very scary 8 seed! Too bad 1735 broke their claw in the last match! :frowning:

Yes it was a bummer. The first seed alliance was playing amazing defense on all three of us and two claws broke during the quarters. Ours broke in the second match and the Green Reapers broke in match three. This set of quarterfinals was by far the best.

I’m glad you enjoyed the lighting, I designed and ran the lighting for BattleCry 10 and BattleCry 11 as well as the 2010 and 2011 WPI Regional and it’s awesome to get complements from you, the teams out there that we’re doing all it for. I’ll pass on the complements to the rest of the club and all those who helped make it happen.